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My name is Aslan Tamjidi. This is my personal website. This Website is all about my artworks, Tutorials, Blog, Gallery and some Coding and scripting stuff.

Education: I was born in 1981 in Tabriz, Iran. In September 1997, I started to study Graphic Design at Mirak fine art school of Tabriz. After, in 2000, I started a Graphic design college called Soroush in the beautiful city of Isfahan. After that, my interest in Graphic design shifted to 3d animation field. Because of that, I did my first 3d animation demo in 2006 as a Character designer and rigger.


Carrier: Between 2008 – 2013, I did experience a few different jobs. As a part-time teacher, I had a lot of students. I taught computer software like 3Ds Max, Adobe Photoshop and CorelDraw. In an engineering company, I was a software operator. With the aim of Solidworks and Tekla structure, I was preparing documentation, plans and a bill of material. At the same time, I was part of a small animation studio group working on an animation series called “The Adventures of Chapaloo.”

In 2013 I migrated to Turkey, Istanbul. I started a full-time job as a Generalist in SiyahMarti animation Studio.


Right now, I do some limited freelance projects of design and rigging characters; feel free to contact me for more information on the Contact page.


Aslan Tamjidi

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